The Tea Crane Presents...

"Tea Ceremony 101" 

With Tyas Sosen 

"How YOU Can Learn The Basics of 
Japanese Tea Ceremony From a Renowned Tea Master, In The Comfort of Your Own Home..."

 Important: When you want to learn from a true expert, you CAN NOT afford to miss this!

 Important: If you want to learn from a true expert, you CAN NOT afford to miss this!

In my NEW Course, I will teach YOU the 
fundamentals of the Japanese Tea Ceremony through video lessons in three dedicated modules which you can watch and study at your own pace
spending a fortune for traveling and in the comfort 
of your own home 

From: Tyas Sōsen
Kyoto, Japan

Hello, and welcome to the Tea Ceremony 101 Online Course.

I am Tyas Sōsen, and I'm a Japanese tea ceremony instructor in the Enshū school , which is one of the warrior-styles of tea ceremony.

I've been teaching tea ceremony for the past seven years, and I've been learning tea ceremony for over 14 years in JapanIn recent years, I have taught most of my students online through Skype and Zoom. 

 I have learned a lot about the online environment and how the ceremony can be taught online. Traditionally tea ceremony is something that you learn physically in a tea chamber together with other persons.

It's a lot about the atmosphere and how you share that moment with others and you can't really do that online.

But what I've learned is that before you can actually start to appreciate, and really understand what tea ceremony is about, there are lot of procedures and formalities that you need to know before you start.

This elementary understanding, and the necessary procedures can easily be learned online, on your own, with my guidance. So, in the beginning stages, the restrictions of the online environment are not as restrictive as you might think.

Since I have taught many students of mine online, I have seen the benefits of what an online environment can do for someone who is just starting to learn the tea ceremony.

Therefore, instead of limiting myself to teaching these sessions 1-on-1 for years,  it's time for me to reach more people with this amazing knowledge and its amazing culture.

To start learning tea ceremony somewhere, usually you either have to come to Japan or you have to commit to learning with a teacher for a lifetime... or it's not really nearby.

There aren't that many opportunities to learn tea ceremony online!

So here is Tea Ceremony 101,... my exclusive and brand-new online video course on tea ceremony that is designed to take you through the basics in six elementary modules.

But of course you don't have to take them in six weeks. It's six modules. Six steps that build up one whole service of tea ceremony from start to finish.

Here's What You'll Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to host a full service of tea using the round-tray setup, which can be executed both seated comfortably at a table or on a tatami floor. 

You begin with opening up the arrangement, ritually, cleansing, and purifying the utensils. You will make and serve a bowl of matcha to your guests. When the utensils return, you'll cleanse everything again, and reset the entire arrangement to conclude the cycle of a service of tea.

You will learn all the basic skills and steps that you will have to take. And they will be accompanied by in-depth explanation of why we need to do those steps, or why you need to do something first and then something else after that.

I will also explain the significance of all motions and handlings. 

The course really focuses on YOU!

You will become able to do everything; the foldings, which take some practice to get used to; you'll become able to do the whole procedure.

This includes what to do first, what to do next, knowing why you're doing it, what the significance is of folding it in a certain way or what the difference is between the two types of folding that we use with the Fukusa, etc.
The significance of all the steps will become clear to you.

I will also give you a wealth of information about the background of tea ceremony and the things that we observe in the tea chamber. 

After the basic segment of the course you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge with an Advanced and a Pro module that will take your tea ceremony to the next level.

In these advanced modules I include lessons on peripheral aspects that include, for example, the display in the alcove, arranging flowers, how to walk and move about in the tea chamber, etc.

The ADVANCED segment focuses on expanding the basic tray-service you have learned in the initial lessons and augments it with further knowledge and alternative approaches.

The PRO segment then allows you to implement all the knowledge and skills you have learned, into a full service of tea ceremony as it is conducted in a proper tatami-matted tea chamber.

Really, this course includes a whole wealth of knowledge about tea ceremony that you can learn now so that you can get a full understanding about t
he basics of tea ceremony.
This is where to start your tea ceremony journey.

At the end of already the basic segment, after 6 modules,  you will be able to serve a bowl of matcha to someone using the basic tray-service of tea ceremony.

You will have all the skills and the necessary knowledge to
 embark further on your tea ceremony journey from here-on.

 On top of this I will  guide you through the things that you can do to continue learning tea ceremony, how you can further your tea ceremony practice. And! there's always the possibility for you to come to Japan and learn directly from me to really deepen your understanding.

 So I really hope to see you on the inside and I really hope that we can embark on this journey together!

 Scroll down for more details and I am honored to be your teacher.

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History Of Tea Ceremony

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Fun, Knowledge, History, 
And Experience

Welcome to my unique online training.
Your journey starts here.

Everything You Need

Begin by learning how to whisk a bowl of Matcha in a casual yet ceremonial way. 
Get set-up for a tea ceremony practice, ready the Chawan (Matcha bowl) and learn how to fold the Fukusa and Chakin cloths. 

All The Details

Learn how to prepare the tea caddy, and learn everything about the different grades of Matcha, and how it is made.
By the end of this course you will be able to host a full service using the round tray, seated at a table, on your own.

Build Your Knowledge

Learn about the history of the Japanese tea ceremony, deepen your knowledge about the different schools of tea ceremony, and discover the amazing wealth of information on Japanese culture as a whole that can be learned, all through practicing the tea ceremony.

All In One Spot

Learn how to execute a full basic tea ceremony. 
I will teach you how to open your ceremonial arrangement.
You will learn the different stages of cleansing your utensils to ready them for use.
And you will learn how to properly whisk a bowl of matcha.
Finally you will learn how to clean your utensils during a tea ceremony. 

A Full-Fledged Course

This course presents a full series of videos for you to study and learn from. These videos are packed with knowledge and surprises. 
Additional to the videos you get extra resources, PDF material, and Q&A recordings addressing questions and problems other students have faced.

From Start To Finsh

You will learn the complete flow of a basic tea ceremony service from start to finish.
By the end of the 6 basic modules of this course you will be able to execute a service of matcha on your own.

FREE eBook

Every student will receive a FREE eBook copy of my bestselling book "The Story Of Japanese Tea."

But Wait, That's Not All...

PLUS: You Also Get These Irresistible Extras:

Utensil Care

Learn how to care for your utensils. Cleaning and proper safekeeping. Learn how to tie the wooden boxes of implements.

Full Tea Ceremony

I will demonstrate a proper tea ceremony from start to finish. 

Lifetime Access

You will receive lifetime access to the course with full update guarantee.

Private Facebook Group

All students get access to a private Facebook group to exchange knowledge, to network and to share updates and live videos. 
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